Positive and negative statements

A. Change these sentences into negative statements.
Example :
I am writing a letter.
I am not writing a letter.

1. Sabrina is ten years old.
2. Those men are policemen.
3. Rachel went to the library yesterday.
4. My father can sing and dance.
5. Paul reads the newspaper every morning.
6. My grandfather was sick last week.

B. Change these sentences into negative statements. Use contractions.
Example :
Tracy can ride a bicycle.
Tracy can’t ride a bicycle.

1. The children are playing football in the field.
2. Cindy is crying sadly.
3. Encik Ismail was a gardener.
4. My grandmother drinks a cup of coffee every morning.
5. I wrote a letter last night.
6. My parents were at home this morning.

C. Change these sentences into positive statements.
1. My brother isn’t tall and thin.
2. Mr Chong and Mr Toh aren’t teachers.
3. Danny doesn’t know how to use a computer.
4. The gardeners don’t water the plants every day.
5. Mabel doesn’t enjoy doing jigsaw puzzles.
6. They haven’t finished their homework.
7. The painting isn’t beautiful.
8. My brother wasn’t working in the factory.

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